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Farm Shops - September 10 2019

Connoisseur Time

John StanleyJohn Stanley

According to the dictionary, a "Connoisseur" is an expert judge in matters of taste. Surely, this sounds like some of your customers? If you have connoisseurs then why not create a 'Connoisseur Club' and build on the opportunity to grow advocates for your business as well as extra sales?

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Farm Shops - September 6 2019

Creating the perfect promotion

Duncan SymeDuncan Syme

Promotions play a key role in affecting purchasing decisions that are based on your customers’ judgements of value for money. In this article I will focus on in-store promotions and how to design effective campaigns that will make you money.

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Farm Shops - August 19 2019

A Taste For Staff Training

John StanleyJohn Stanley

Training is something many businesses seem to be doing less and less of and we desperately need to turn the tide. Trust me, delivered correctly, training is a sound investment in your business' future and gives your brand the chance to amaze and impress your customers.

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Farm Shops - July 30 2019

Retail like a Farmer - Manage like a Retailer

Michael BoyleMichael Boyle

It’s good to look forward but sometimes it is good to look back and reflect on your journey. We are all developing and food retail has had to change more than most to keep up with an ever fluid and fast-paced market. But is change always good?

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