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Food Halls - July 16 2019

Make Your Customer The Hero

Edward BerryEdward Berry

Consider four areas of retail work – merchandising, staff, customers and tasks. Which is the most important? What if we had the most desirable product and best staff, but no customers? Tasks have to be performed, but the customer must always come first. To fulfil this, we need to engage good customer service - we need to put customers at the centre of the story.

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Food Halls - May 23 2019

Retail Awards: Are They Worth It?

Edward BerryEdward Berry

Awards are everywhere these days. With so many given out over an increasing number of categories, some people consider even taking the opportunity to enter as a waste of time. How valuable are they really? In this article, Edward Berry gives his unique perspective; having won a number of awards as a respected retailer, he now offers an insider's view on the awards process as a judge in the UK's food industry.

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