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Farm Shops - November 18 2019

The Amazon Effect

John StanleyJohn Stanley

Few would argue that Amazon has had a massive impact on the consumer landscape over the last few years. They started as book retailer and ended up selling... well... everything! As retailers, is this the end of the world as we know it?

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Farm Shops - October 31 2019

Profiles & Thinking In Reverse

John StanleyJohn Stanley

Every retailer should be able to articulate details about the customer profiles in their target market. That said, few actually take the time to go through this very important exercise. These outlines give valuable insight into who your business is targeting and where else they might spend their time and money. Being clued up about your customers' wider spending habits can present opportunities to get your business in from of them in ways you've not considered before.

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Farm Shops - October 21 2019

Marketing Is Child's Play

John StanleyJohn Stanley

The key to retailing today is to provide an experience, for the whole family. If the children are happy, then their parents are happy. If you can get all age groups to want to linger longer then your average sale is bound to go up.

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Farm Shops - September 10 2019

Connoisseur Time

John StanleyJohn Stanley

According to the dictionary, a "Connoisseur" is an expert judge in matters of taste. Surely, this sounds like some of your customers? If you have connoisseurs then why not create a 'Connoisseur Club' and build on the opportunity to grow advocates for your business as well as extra sales?

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